Poor parents to attend classes?

According to the latest tabloids, parents who allow their disruptive kids to “terrorise” their neighbours will be made to go to parenting classes, it was announced yesterday.

Respect guru Louise Casey stated that poor parenting was the main reason for the majority of criminal behaviour from children.

And she cautioned mothers and fathers who did not control their kids or did not give them “emotional warmth” that they would be forced to go sessions.

Louise who is responsible for No 10’s Respect Task Force is quoted as saying in the Mirror:“Parenting support needs to be way up the list of services available in our communities. Most people believe the main cause of antisocial behaviour and crime is bad parenting - not a lack of youth clubs, money, or police on the streets.”

She revealed a pilot project of 50 Family Intervention Projects was being launched around the UK to “grip highneed families” and highlighted that there would be no concessions for “families from hell”.

The scheme could mean that such families could be evicted and moved to housing where they could be heavily watched by local services, Ms Casey also divulged.

Hitting out at Conversative David Cameron’s “hug a hoodie” message and supporting Asbos she also said in the newspaper: “This is about tough love, not just love.”

Parenting classes? :slight_smile:
Which country is this.

Wow that’s news! :slight_smile:
Is it in UK?

I think that’s about the best thing I’ve ever heard (providing that the parents love their kids in the first place).

People who resent having children will probably resent their children even more though since more of their time is being consumed on them. But maybe it’s a double edged sword too, maybe they’ll grow fonder the more they have to relate to each other.

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