Please help stop this harmful information

Please could you post a comment on this article which is attempting to teach people that a vegan diet destroys brain function :frowning:

Well, John & Jenny Cameron, I grew up in a rural environment. As a result, I’ve done a lot of farm-related work. I guess, by your very own words then, I have every right to criticize.

You’re quite right arualb34, this article espouses nothing but nonsense. The claim that we need to raise livestock to feed all the humans living on Earth especially bothers me. Too much land is already being wasted just to feed livestock, land that could better be used to grow crops that humans can eat. You need a lot less land to grow fruits and vegetables than you do to grow animal feed. If all the people of the world would go mostly vegan, then we could give a lot of the land that farmers are now using for livestock back to nature so that wild animals (especially endangered species) could have their habitat back.

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Utter nonsense published in this article