please help sanctuary for hard to home cats


I am trying to reach out to as many people as possible to help my vegan friend Molly (I’m vegan also).

For approximately three years Molly has been working at Feline Care in Norfolk. It’s an amazing sanctuary that rescues and re homes domestic and feral cats. The cats that can’t be re homed, are kept at the sanctuary to peacefully live out there lives.

Unfortunately the owners have decided they can no longer cope with the responsibility of the sanctuary and have given Molly the ultimatum of purchasing the sanctuary for £70,000 so that it can be a charity in it’s own right, or closing it down :frowning:

This is a huge undertaking, they are running at full capacity and barely raise enough to cover the day to day running costs, not alone raise £70,000. They have £23,000 left to raise, which is a huge mount to raise in a very short period of time, but with everyone’s help they can do it :slight_smile:

I’ve probably put this in the wrong place and meant to post a number of other posts first, but hoping people will see that I’m just genuinely trying to help a friend and a bunch of cats that really can’t speak for them selves.

If your on facebook please like ‘Save feline Care Norfolk’ as the more people that spread the word the more people that could possibly help :slight_smile:

To donate type feline care into the search engine e.g google and click on their site. Their are many area’s that will direct you to the donation page for example the purple £70,000! on the top right of the page :slight_smile:

Thanks Angie

Feline Care’s Autumn open day did amazingly this weekend. They managed to raise £5,305.30 which is just staggering

As of 29th Sept they have managed to raise £57,506.16 which is amazing especially as they are so busy looking after the animals.
They still need to raise approx £12,500 by the end of Sept.

I hope so much that the present owners will see how well and how hard everyone is working to save Feline Care and extends their deadline.

Molly will not give up on any animal, be it old, feral, ill or just plan grumpy.

Most sanctuaries wouldn’t even take in the cats that Feline Care help, and many more larger sanctuaries would euthanasia them.

This is a really special place that can not be given up on.

I’m glad to read the above.

I feel that it’s human irresponsibility which causes feral cat colonies. We have one on my street. A kind woman feeds the ferals and also gets them vetinary care, too. She makes only a modest income, so this is a great generosity indeed on her part.

I do credit the feral colony for having kept the mice from getting into my apt; I’d see a mouse every now and then. Yikes!!! Whew. I don’t like wildlife in my living quarters at all!!!