Please Critique My Website!!!!!

Hi friends,

Please review for design, layout of my new online Italian clothing brand site You get all latest fashionable outlet like knitwear outlet, sports outlet, wallets, sunglasses, kidswear and all other menswear, woman’s wear with Stock signatures and give me some honest feedback. Suggestions are also welcome.


HI, Site looks good. Why not start a forum there in your site. An one more thing I like to share you that, if you like to add a tool for IP search in your home page you can get the coding for the same at i p -d e t a i ls .c o m which is the free one. Thanks.

Your website looks good. I love it!

Can you critique my website too?

tell me about your feedback :smiley:

I would turn to professionals for criticism) The site is not bad. I would change the design a bit and start advertising the site. For example, here is more information. It is very important. And update the information on your website at least a couple of times a week. Then people will be more interesting.