Plant an indoor vegetable garden: eat healthy year-round

Grow an indoor vegetable garden? Indeed!

From salad fixings and root veggies to herbs and more, it is possible to sustain a healthy vegetable garden in your kitchen, sunroom, or another sunny corner inside your home.

Hate giving up your delicious home-grown vegetables once winter arrives? Well, there is a way to grow an array of vegetables inside you’re home.

Vegetables you can grow indoors*:

* Beans, green
* Carrots, small fingerling
* Eggplant
* Endives
* Herbs
* Lettuces
* Radishes
* Red peppers
* Tomatoes (look at this pretty indoor tomato plant)
* Other dwarf varieties of larger vegetables

What you’ll need:

* Sunlight, maybe a sunny window sill or corner (plants that produce a vegetable, not just a leaf, need 5-6 hours of sunlight per day; 9-10 hours is ideal) OR grow lights if you have no direct sunlight.
* Light-colored, reflective surroundings and surfaces (white, foil, etc.).
* Containers with water trays. Choose containers with plenty of room for the root system to grow up and out. Ceramic tends to last longer in direct sunlight than plastic.
* To assist with drainage and airflow, add some rocks to the bottom of your container before you add the soil.
* Good, lightweight potting soil mix that's suitable for containers. Buy new potting soil to avoid bringing in any outdoor garden pests.
* Trellis for your container if you're growing vine climbers, like tomatoes, beans, or peas.
* Worm compost is a good addition.