I watched Planeat during Whole Foods’ Do Something Reel Earth Day Film Festival. It was really good and left me hungrier than ever after it was over. It featured experts like T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., M.D., and Neal Barnard M.D. as well as a lot of emphasis on health and the environment of a vegan diet. One thing that made it particularly appealing was all the tasty food they showed during the film including talking to a number of vegan chefs. It’s playing film festivals and the like. Catch it if you can. The trailer is available on the web page.

PLANEAT is the story of three men’s life-long search for a diet, which is good for our health, good for the environment and good for the future of the planet.

With an additional cast of pioneering chefs and some of the best cooking you have ever seen, the scientists and doctors in the film present a convincing case for the West to re-examine its love affair with meat and dairy.

The film features the ground-breaking work of Dr. T Colin Campbell in China exploring the link between diet and disease, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s use of diet to treat heart disease patients, and Professor Gidon Eshel’s investigations into how our food choices contribute to global warming, land use and oceanic deadzones.

With the help of some innovative farmers and chefs, PLANEAT shows how the problems we face today can be solved, without simply resorting to a diet of lentils and lettuce leaves.