pine nut poisoning

I have recently been poisoned with pine nuts, I’ve eaten less than 40
grams and after 1-2 days started filling bitter taste each time I ate.
Initially I didn’t know the cause (because it wasn’t instant after
eating pine nuts) I’ve researched a lot and found that I’m not alone
with these symptoms, and what is more strange I’ve found a lot of
cases in Western Countries, which I thought have stricter laws about
food hygiene. Here are few links about it: … 20444.html … -00036.htm

:astonished: I hope you are feeling better now, Sergio :slight_smile: I had never heard of pine nut poisoning!

Ah, well… :unamused: My experiences of food factories were not good :laughing: I am sure they are very clean when the inspector visits!

I’m ok now, thank you.
I just thought that I should post this warning, because pine nuts are very good snack for vegans, and symptoms appear only next day so you won’t know what you feel bitter taste in your mouth, and this bitter taste will last for up to 1-2 weeks.

What are pine nuts? Is it similar to what?