Pilates method?

What do you think about Pilates as fitness system?

I did some pilates sessions with a friend a few years ago. It is surprisingly difficult: you don’t consciously exert yourself, but your muscles feel tired at the end. I found they were very friendly sessions, with people of all ages and abilities.

It is very good for your posture and breathing: I work at a computer all day, so I found it particularly useful. I would recommend having some lessons instead of teaching yourself, in case you injure your back. We did a lot of pelvic floor exercises - obviously women need to do these, but men often neglect their pelvic floor. You will sometimes see men at the gym with well-defined abdominal muscles, perched on top of a big beer gut :smiley: As a martial artist, you may find it beneficial to work on your “core strength.”

I don’t go to Pilates sessions any more, because I need a tougher cardio workout these days. But I do incorporate some of the exercises into my stretches.

I think pilates is great!

During my sessions I came across some exercises that just floored me so I added them into my workout routine.

Pilates is quite new over here… and I’m afraid that the instructor might be an amateur… how can I see if it is so?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I tend to go by word of mouth: my pilates tutor was well-known locally and had a really good reputation. 8)

Hang on… [rummages through book case] I have a book by someone in the PilatesFoundation… OK, they have a website including a classfinder, but the international section is a bit limited :frowning: Still, they have some questions to ask a teacher before you join:

I have seen some Pilates centres being set up that have all kinds of interesting apparatus. The version I did was mat work only: that way you can practise at home :wink:

Some people also use those enormous bouncy balls: I had one instead of furniture when I moved into my first flat :laughing: They make eating spaghetti interesting…

Pilates is fun… My aunts and I have girl bonding during our Pilates sessions… ( this is our moment to burn calories while having fun)