photography: Slim legs

What do you think?

It’s a matter of taste, really. I don’t like these legs. Bit too long, bit too anorectic. The knickers aren’t of my favourite kind either. And yes, I like to complain about everything. :wink:

Vegan porn?!
That’s something new! :laughing:
Did you make this photo?!
I mean do you have more of this kind?
Why did you cut the head, is she ugly?

My bet is it’s the same chick as in the logo.
So you can assemble the face back. :wink:

I removed the top so that I don’t compromise the girl. :slight_smile:
And Bojster wants to spoil everything with his extrasensorical capabilities. :laughing:

Now I want to meet this lady.
Is she on the forum?
Are you on the forum baby? What’s your username?
:drunken: :love10:

Backwood, don’t you have pretty gals in Austraila? :smiley:

Andy is it a Moldovian girl ? :slight_smile:)

Andy, this photo is excellent. The legs are all you need, her face would distract me form the message you’re trying to portray.

Ah, I was looking for some motivation to stay vegan (finding it hard right now :frowning: ) - and I’d forgotten about this…

I don’t believe she’s vegan though :blackeye: My legs don’t look like that :wink:

Sorry, but that is not nice legs