Phasing out animal testing

I am glad animal testing is expensive. If it was cheap, no one would be bothered to think of alternative methods to that, except perhaps, people concern about lab animals. Recently there was a news report on using the help of robots, cells and computational modelling, to generate more data relevant to humans, cut down time and money and increase the number of chemicals tested. The report also encourage using more in-vitro tests on human cells and components.

It has been a long time, this should have been done ages ago, but despite this, many laboratories are still using animals in their studies. In some studies, animal testing may have provided results, but I find it very cruel. Someone once told me that lab mice lives are short, but useful because they contribute to science and mankind. In our eyes, maybe it is so, but if I were the mouse, I don’t think I am so generous with my life. Perhaps because most of us have been taught from young to choose to use animals for our wants, but now we have our own reasoning ability, we can make a choice again, and hopefully select a better option.

Link to report: … =206504440

Couldn’t agree more. I never contribute to most medical charities as these test on animals. When asked to donate, I often say that I don’t approve of vivisection…
And, these animals dont have similarities to our human body systems. But the most compelling reason is the horrifying cruelty. Thinking about this stuff sometimes keeps me awake at night.

Hope this data generation through robots and cells will be successful enough to lessen animal testing…