What do all of you think about peta/peta2??

What we can think?
It’s good animalright organization.
Somebody have another opinion?

Hmm, I haven’t been on the websites much. But they do seem to raise the profile of animal rights in the US: you occasionally hear about Hollywood actors/actresses/singers supporting PETA and doing fundraising activities. It’s good to have some famous vegetarians in the world, instead of all famous people being on Atkins. :smiley:

The Peta/Peta2 websites seem to be a good place to learn about going vegetarian too: I like their starter kit, and thir “Meet the Meat” and “Making the Transition” / 30 Day Pledge ideas. I actually recommend this site to people who don’t know a lot about vegetarianism, because some of the other sites around are a bit wordy and heavy-going at first :wink:

Not sure I approve of “Vote for North America’s Sexiest Vegetarians” [PAUSE TO BE ANGRY FEMINIST] :laughing: They’re not hot anyway: maybe I should have entered :bootyshake:

Haha, I entered the cutest vegetarian contest. But I guess I didn’t make it too far…

I’ve seen tons of sites that are anti-PETA, and I’ve read why they don’t support it, but there reasons don’t seem…what’s the word…GOOD. :laughing:

Are these sites vegetarian?

Oh my God! I just googled Peta and found this:

:astonished: “Cult like?!” :laughing3: “Radical Activism?!” :laughing8: There is even a “Cradle to Jail” diagram, showing how Peta are corrupting the young… :laughing9:

Mind you, I’ve heard rumours about governments (including US) keeping files on animal rights protestors… I don’t know if they’re true or not. :hiding:

Have you seen any of these schoolyard demonstrations that Peta do? What are they like?

The main issue seems to be that Peta are killing/euthanizing some of the animals that they take in at their “adoption centres.” I can’t find any response from Peta to these accusations - does anybody know anything else about this?

There is also some speculation that Peta are linked to extremist activities (torching labs, etc.): they do state that the animal rights movement is non-violent here, but then they go some way towards defending the Animal Liberation Front :confused:

Perhaps another interesting question would be: What do you think of the ALF? :bom:

The anti-peta sites are not vegetarian. They’re like…anti-PETA/vegan.

That’s exactly what I meant!! There are people claiming that PETA kills animals and…well I did hear that PETA had a children’s comic called “Your Mommy Kills Animals!” or something crazy like that. And the picture on the front was pretty gross. Here it is:

I’ve also heard claims that PETA kills animals…
Hm… why would PETA do it?

Here is the first page of the comics :slight_smile:

Killing an animal like that would make his fur unusable :slight_smile:

Oh, I don’t know, the slashed look can be very chic :smiley: I still prefer my fun-fur: hundreds of pink teddies were slaughtered to make my slippers :bunny:

On the “petakillanimals” website, they have copies of vets’ documents (VDACS State Vetinarian) that show animals from peta’s adoption centre being “euthanized.” The website claims that the head of Peta cited financial reasons. However, this website seems rather biased and I’m not sure it can be trusted :confused:

Since peta campaign for ethical treatment of animals, this raises the question of whether euthanasia is ethical :dontknow: For example, maybe some of the animals were very badly injured, or in the advanced stages of some disease?

I gather there has also been a court case, where two Peta employees were accused of Animal cruelty.

If you’re working for the ethical treatment of animals, it surprises me that you could be accused of animal cruelty. People these days…:laughing:

Got any plans for Earth Day??

Yep :laughing: I couldn’t be bothered to read much about the case, all the reports seemed biased :wink:

Ooh, Earth Day - it hasn’t been publicised at all over here :astonished: Everyone check these out! :smiley: :

I didn’t know about shade-grown coffee, so maybe I will finally ditch my caffeine habit from now on? :coffee: It will do me some good too :wink: Other than that, I shall probably water my tomato plants, and dream about the environmentally friendly house I want to build… I did some overtime at work today :homework: so I think I deserve a day of doing very little in the sun :angel9:

So what are you up to? Are there going to be some Earth day events in NY?

I wish. Well, more like I hope. This weekend I’m going to try to find an organized group to join to clean up some…parks or something…hehe. I’m really not sure. :smiley:

I think PETA is an organization with good mission towards animals…