Perennial cucumber (Coccinia grandis)

Perennial cucumber (Coccinia grandis)
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Coccinia grandis, also called tindora (tindori, tindoori), giloda, kundri, kundru, kowai, kovai, tindla, gentleman’s toes (compare lady’s fingers), tendli, thendli, thainli , ivy gourd or little gourd, is a tropical vine grown for its small edible fruits. They may be eaten immature and green, or mature and deep red. The young shoots and leaves may also be eaten as greens.

Older botanical sources may call this plant C. cordifolia.

The fruit is eaten in Indian cuisine.

In Andhra Pradesh (South India), this vegetable is known as “Dondakaya”. It is eaten as a curry either by deep frying it, stuffing it with masala and frying or boiling it first in a cooker and then frying it. It is also used in “Sambaar”

In Tamilnadu,India its called as “Kovakkai” normally used for diabetes patients.

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