Percent of diet in fat

I was just reading about Dr. Esselstyn’s vegan diet for heart health and he recommends a fat intake of 10% of daily calories. While my vegan meals are definitely lower fat than when I was eating meat, I’m still probably more around the 25% of calories from fat. For instance the brand of humus I buy is around 25%. Given that most of that fat is olive oil and similar healthy oils I wonder if this is a big deal. Does anyone want to chime in with what % of calories with fat that they think they are consuming?


Hi Rick!

I am a brand new vegan, so I can only tell you what I observed this first week.
I am using one of those online food logs to track down what I am eating and check my calories and nutrients.
So, what it shows is that I consume an average of 45% carbs, 43% fat and 13% protein (which adds up to more than 100%, so I do not trust their calculations system that much). My fat comes from tahini, olive oil, avocados and nuts. That’s all healthy stuff and I really need it because I find it hard to keep my calories to the level they should be and I am underweight anyway :confused: