Pepino ( Solanum muricatum)

Pepino, the exotic multi-colored fruit, native to South America in the region of Peru, Chile and Colombia. Although it is sometimes known as a melon, it is not a melon at all. Some cultivars only look and taste like a melon. It is in the same family as the popular tomato instead.

Pepino is a Spanish word, meaning “cucumber” But why would they want to name it ‘cucumber’ when it does not even looks like one? Probably, some taste like one :slight_smile:

Pepino is an attractive fruit as it differs greatly in colors, shapes and sizes. It can be purple, green, yellow or cream colors, with or without purple stripes. (Specimens shown above is the cream with purple stripes). The flesh is either from yellow to orange or green to white.

The shape may be round, oval, oblong or teardrop shapes. Seeds count ranging from numerous seeds, few to none.

The taste is sweet, similar to honeydew but the poorer quality fruits can be totally tasteless with an unpleasant soapy aftertaste. Though the skin is edible and thin, it is tough to bite on it.