Peasant Lentil Stew

This is a new one that I put together just last night. It’s so awesome that even my daughter who has never liked lentils before ate 3 bowls of this delicious stew.


Wild brown rice (Lundbergs makes this one - damn it’s good)

Cook the two completely (together if you dare) until tender.

After these are completely cooked and mixed together, add the following:

Salt and pepper
fresh grated garlic
fresh grated carrots - lots of them
fresh diced celery

Stir in completely the above ingredients and turn off the stove. Do not cook any longer and allow to cool for about 15 minutes. Serve with toasted whole wheat mini bagels and vegan butter.

This meal is soooooo good. The vegetables are still raw and oozing flavor and anti-oxidants, yet the rice and lentils are tender. If you add just the right amount of salt, the flavor will be insane.

Put any extra herbs and spices on the table for people to add if desired. Nothing more is necessary, but if you crave a certain flavor such as sage or curry, etc, then add it to your own bowl. Everyone can decide for themselves how to season their meal.

This is similar to our “sinangag”, but with bit differnce… We usually fry the rice… You may also add some green peas…