Weirdos. I bet you don’t even wear pearls. You rely on plants for everything. If celery suddenly went extinct you’d go into panic mode. Your means of survial would have disappeared.

I haven’t had celery in 4 years.

I eat much more than that. And I probably enjoy what I eat more than you do, as well as my life as a whole.

And I wouldn’t know about pearls, since I’m not a vegan, but they’re ugly anyway. :laughing:

Pearls are soooo last century, darling!

Gorillas use over 250 different foods - and that is plants.
Now name at least 30 foods you eat.
If you take a look here: vegan ingredients you will find more than 1000 different foods available for vegans, most of which meat eaters usually ignore and thats why are all the sicknesses in the world. Your stomach is full but your body is still hungry for vital nutrients. People suddenly got access to refrigerators and a lot of processed flesh and diary… they don’t have to worry about what they eat… just a peace of bread, a peace of cheese and sausage + a cup of cola…
it wasn’t like this 100 years ago… people were eating meat once in a month… not 3 times per day… only rich people could afford to eat meat more often and that’s why it became popular… everyone wanted to feel rich.

I think this line of thinking is funny.

One: I could retort “You rely on animals for everything. If cows suddenly went extinct you’d go into panic mode.”

I think it’s easier to grow a plant than it is to create a cow.

Two: It kind of suggests we don’t like what we’re eating. We’re holding our noses and trying to stomach chewing and swallowing some nasty food or vegatable.

When I was a meat eater I didn’t like lamb. Therefore I chose not to eat lamb. Duh. Why, as a vegan, would I eat something that I didn’t enjoy?

Ask a gorilla to name at least 10 foods :slight_smile:

Ug, ug, ug, ug, ug, ug, ug, ug, ug, and ug :smiley:

Not that I’m a gorilla… :munky2:

:cheers: The last time I ate lamb it was these rolls of lamb belly with about 1 inch of fat on them… :puke: Yep, I think that was the last time I ate meat… :laughing:

Just wondering, what would you do if you accidentally ate meat?

Once I thought I ate meat. I had just finished eating this potato
salad. And I looked at the plate. And there was this meaty-looking
THING on it. And I ran to the bathroom and…orally disposed of it.

I later found out that there was, in fact, no meat in the salad.
It was just potato skin. Hahaha.

That is awesome: “You rely on animals for everything. If cows suddenly went extinct you’d go into panic mode.”

Lol :laughing: You’ll probably get so that you can smell/taste meat before this happens :wink: There is a fashion at the moment for putting these little bits of dried bacon in salads… Very odd…

Well, it’s only happened to me twice (when I was ovo-lacto vegetarian). The first was a packet of crispy pancakes which were supposed to have a cheese filling. But there had been a mix-up at the factory, and they had ham in :blush: I spat it out in the bathroom too :unamused: , and my Dad was furious: I think he wrote a letter to the manufacturer, and we never bought the things again. Just didn’t fancy them after that…

The second time was at a training course through work. We had a buffet lunch. On the main platter was half a ham and pineapple pizza. On the vegetarian platter was half a pizza, with suspicious square marks in the cheese :laughing: I complained to the organiser, starting with “How do you think your Jewish and Muslim clients would react if you fed them a ham pizza?” The man went white and practically begged me not to sue!

I think the main problem is unseen products. I’m sure restaurants sometimes put butter in my food, even when I tell them not to :confused1:

Last weekend I went out for Sunday lunch, and the “vegetarian alternative” was fish - I really hate it when that happens - eventually they made me a really odd broccoli stir-fry :sad8: I just put it down to experience and don’t go back :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… and there are also those dishes when you don’t even know what you are eating.

Whenever I get a veggie burger at a diner, I’m always afraid that they grill it next to a big, fat slab of beef! I found a dime-sized piece of bacon on my veggie burger and I freaked out, so I wouldn’t want to think about what my food could be touching.

It’s not an unreasonable concern - I’m told it used to happen a lot! I think the larger chains have guidelines on keeping meat separate now.

Anyhoo, I just got a copy of ‘Vegan with a Vengeance’ and the author is from Brooklyn, which seems to be quite a happening place. I guess New York’s a big place… but you might find some veggie diners there? The website’s at which is a review of vegan-friendly places to eat in NYC :smiley: Sadly there was no such site for where I live… :cry:

:laughing: I usually suspect these of containing something unsavoury… I’m getting freaked out at how many things seem to have seafood in!

Is pearl a necessity? I just wonder… I can’t see any point why 1 should wear such things…