Parliamentary Party for Animal Rights - This is too Awesome!

A victory for the animals!

Please read this and tell others about the awesome news! This is extremely encouraging!

Party for the Animals gains 2 parliamentary seats in the Netherlands

Amsterdam, 11/23/2006 – On Wednesday, November 22, the Dutch political Party of the Animals gained 2 seats in the 150-member legislature in The Netherlands. This makes the Netherlands the first country in the world in which a party for animal welfare is elected into a representative body of the people.

“We are thrilled with such a wonderful result of our campaign”, says party leader Marianne Thieme. “Finally we can start realizing our party’s highest priority, namely ending all animal suffering. We want a constitutional amendment, guaranteeing animals the right to freedom from pain, fear and stress caused by humans. Let’s begin with easing the suffering of the hundreds of millions of cows, pigs and chickens stuck in factory farming”, she said. Thieme feels success in the Netherlands could help the movement elsewhere. One of the party’s purposes is to be an inspiration for other countries and animal rights activists.

A growing number of Dutch people are wondering why it is necessary to have economic interests prevail over ethical considerations when it comes to animal welfare and the interests of nature and the environment. “The Party for the Animals expresses this concern that so many Dutch have”, says Esther Ouwehand, number two on the party list, explaining the party’s victory.

The party and viewpoints of party leader Marianne Thieme received a great deal of media attention. After law school and a brief corporate career, she decided to enter politics as an advocate for all animals and founded the Party for the Animals. A large number of well known Dutch authors such as Jan Wolkers, Kees van Kooten, Maarten ’t Hart and Harry Mulisch have joined the Party for the Animals. 20 of the party’s 30 candidates are opinion leaders in the Netherlands. Also a number of business people have contributed large sums of money to the Party for the Animals, allowing for a full-fledged political campaign.

It’s great news! :slight_smile:
I hope it will be followed in other countries.


Here is an update which I cross-posted (with permission):

"I have worked the last months almost 14 to 18 hours every day for the party for the animals. And I am so happy now because they gained two seats.

And last tuesday there was a debate about the agroculture budget (don’t know if i translated that correctly). Every party had the time to talk about all the aspects of this sector. It was great, because for the first time this debate was dominated by animal welfare and rights. It was great to see that almost every party already have picked up the subject. And that only because the Party for the Animals had put the subject on the agenda.

Today is part two of the debate. I hope it will also be about animals constantly. And properbly there will be soon be voted about animal welfare.

I will keep you all informed about it."

This is just one out of many signs that Animal Liberation is coming!

Woooohooooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

I made a video for ‘Partij voor de derien’:


Also, I would love to see people support this group. They are working extremly hard night and day against so many odds. I think some support would inspire them and bring a smile to their face knowing that people all around the world are thinking of them.

I would love it if some people could write a letter. No matter how long or short. Anything! I will mail it for you free of charge!

Here is my letter:

"[i]Dear Partij voor de Dieren,

Hi, my name is Andre. I’m from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I LOVE what you’re doing and I am so happy that there are people like you in this world. I am an Animal Rights Activist and I speak for the Animals that have no voice.

I’ve been telling so many people about you. I’m so excited for you. You are helping people to see that Animals DO deserve rights and that people WILL fight for them. Animal Rights Activists all over the world are so happy to hear this news. We are fighting here in Canada to get the message out. We LOVE you! * hugs *

Please, keep fighting. This is possibly the biggest step towards Animal Liberation in Parliment the world has ever seen, and YOU should be proud! I am so happy tears are coming down. Keep fighting, we are doing what we can here to help you out.

Maybe one day Canada will have an Animal Rights Party. I would be so happy!

Love Andre

  • hugs *[/i]"

Please include a ballpark description of your location so they can get an idea of what location the support is coming from.

I will mail within 1 to 2 days. Maybe I’ll even express mail it! :wink:

So please, please support these great people. Political people we can finally understand, accept, and trust.


We have to allow smoking cannabis everywhere for this to happen faster :slight_smile:
Man, I’m starting to really envy the people in Holland :slight_smile:
They not only have these coffee shops but now also have an Animal Rights Party…

Also a party of pedophiles.

Do they? I thought it’s a hoax or joke?

I can’t provide a reliable link, but I think it’s true.

cruel joke !!