What is a best strategy for veggie children in relationship with parents?
Parents usually tell children (And I was 10 years ago in this situation) that it is unhealthy to be vegetarian (I’m not writing what they are telling about vegans).

That’s what has happened to me and I am being split between my parent’s support and what I belive in. Luckaly they only want me to go back to being a vegetarian, but many parents don’t understand how it would feel to eat animal flesh after protesting againts that very practice.

Yeah, in some good cases they will think that after some time you’ll start eating flash again, but in some cases they wish to impose you everything. In these cases I think best strategy is to negotiate with them and move forward with small steps. Show them pro vegan literature and article, I’m trying to put them on when I find them.

I will ask another question…
Lets say I’m vegetarian and I have kids.
And, I’m educating them in a vegetarian way.
But somebody somewere gives them to try meat.
They try it…
What should a parent do in this situation?

I think the most difficult thing between my parents and me regarding my diet when I turned vegetarian and then vegan was/is/has been also the funniest… you grow up hearing about how you should eat fruits and vegetables / healthy food. Then when you turn to an all plant-based diet, the folks freak out! Just thought that’s kinda weird…

It must be hard to raise kids vegetarian though…with all the brainwashing out there, kids will get mixed messages… like are they WEIRD for not eating meat? Are they BETTER than their meat-eating friends? Who’s right and who’s wrong? I dunno how I’d tackle that.

The same question, what should parent do in case somebody gives them to try drugs?

I guess it’s a bit more difficult than that… drugs aren’t socially accepted, and meat not only is, but it’s politically correct. In this case, the only - but how important! - thing you can do is to make sure your children are conscious… in most cases this will prevent then ever trying it, I mean: were you ever curious how human flesh tastes? Ever tried it? Got the point? :wink:

If think you should let your kids decide themself about their diet.
The best thing you can do is be a good example for them.

Some people advocate vegetarian style, some people advocate non-vegetarian style. Both are wrong IMHO. I think everyone is free do decide for himself as long as he doesn’t bother the others. I see no difference between a zealous vegetarian advocate and a zealous non-vegetarian advocate. Both are annoying for me. I expect from anybody to accept me as I am or just to back off.

If I were a killer would you accept me as I am?

If I was a killer would you accept me as I am?

Probably have to take you to the city gates, and chase you off!