Pain and vegetation

[size=200]So do plants feel pain or do they not? This is the question.[/size]

Dunno I’m not a plant :slight_smile:

I think plants don’t feel pain cause they don’t have the ability to avoid it. Thus pain is not necessary for plants.

Here is the link about this:

Any life form has the ability to avoid pain. That happens when it dies :laughing:

Well… :laughing: animals need pain to stay longer alive… Pain is a very effective signal of danger to body integrity and life.
And animals can avoid pain and stay alife. i.e. if you will try to harm an animal it will try to run.
Plants can’t do it so they don’t need pain and suffering.

This looks like masochism :laughing:

… or to harm you

Plants can’t do what? Run or harm back?


Well, there are insect-eating plants.

There plants are more like traps.

Since animals have no nervous system or brain, I think we can deduce that they do not feel pain. In anything that feels pain, there is a reaction to the pain. When you cut a leave of grass, it does not squirm about. Of course skeptics will always say you can’t possibly know, but we do have reasonable doubt on our side.

You meant plants, didn’t you?

I remember a study where they studied a plant’s electrical activity before and after they were abused. When the abuser later returned to the area, the plants seemed to be highly disturbed by his presence.

Scientists have no evidence that plants can recognize abuser, or have other feelings, read more here:

First off, the things I’m about to quote here are not well-recognised scientific sources, and I know very little about botany - but I think it’s interesting :smiley:

I got the following from

The article goes on to describe further experiments that have been done.

I also read about many experiments with plants.
But none of them could be repeated by other scientist who used placebo proof control.

Our consciousness is intimately connected to our brain and nervous system. By the term “consciousness”, I am referring to the ability to feel sensations such as pain, suffering, and a desire to live. Once a person is brain dead, he is no longer able to feel such sensations. Therefore, since plants do not possess anything even remotely resembling a nervous system, I believe it is extremely unlikely that plants can feel pain or suffering.