Oxalate content of hemp seed hearts & quinoa?


I’ve been converting to a vegetarian diet over the past two years. I had a recent problem, though: a kidney stone :frowning:. I had two kidney stones in my twenties, but none for 20+yrs, now. Unknowingly, I was eating large amounts of things like almonds & peanut butter, which are both very high in oxalate. Duh…

I’ve adjusted my diet, but can’t find the oxalate content of hemp seed hearts & quinoa. This is frustrating since I really like those sources of protein & minerals. To date, all I’ve found are vague references to their being very high in oxalate. So many food’s oxalate content are well documented. Why have they neglected such important vegetarian foods?

Does anyone know these numbers? Please provide your source.

Thank You very much,