our pets

Hey guys! If you have pets of any kind or maybe you’d want to share a pic of an animal you really like, feel free to post your links, pics and mesages in this thread.

This is my baby “Chippy”. He is a Golden Retriever and he was given to me by my girlfriend during my birthday.

This is my girlfriend’s cat. :smiley:

Really smart guy he is.

Curlytopper is your dog vegan? :slight_smile:

you have such wonderful pets… I wish my dog is still with us… we used to play together and sleep together… but my dog is not a vegan…

I just started fostering a pitbull and turned him vegan with no problem at all. I started him on Evolution Diet, and he even eats fruit and veggies now. Maybe a week of loose stool, but that was the worst of it.

new to me… Dogs do have a hard time changing diets too… :smiley: I will surely have a hard time teaching our new dog to adopt a vegan diet…

Could I safely put my cat on a vegan diet? Or even vegetarian? I’ve read a little about this but it seemed inconclusive about the health risks for him. It would help me a lot to not have to dish up his ‘meat’ every day…it makes me want to be sick :smiley: .

I have a pet rabbit and it’s been with me for a couple of year now. I’m lucky that my pet is a vegan in nature. Most of the time what I eat is also its meal. What a bonding time right?!