Our Numbers Are Growing

It is indeed encouraging to us animal welfare people to see that our efforts to protect and save our wildlife and domesticated animals are now beginning to pay off as a recent Gallup Poll indicates. This fact is now documented in an article posted on Care2 website, entitled, Our Attitudes About Animals Are Changing for the Better by Alicia Graef, CARE2 Petition Site.

Link to Article: care2.com/causes/our-attitud … etter.html

Now that our numbers are growing, slowly but surely, we must endeavor to do even more in protecting and saving the lives of these very creatures to whom we are so devoted to protecting and preserving. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by pushing companies and corporations to stop using animals for research. As reports indicate many are, but we cannot stop there. We must get all corporations and medical establishments to stop and stop PERIOD!

The consumer has the power of the purse and corporations know this. We must ask all corporations and companies from which we buy their products to see that they are not tested on animals and if they are to threaten to withdraw our business from them. There is power in numbers and there are enough of us out there to make an impact on their sales and bottom line.

Even though our numbers are growing we cannot now become complacent and feel the job has been done. It was hard work to get those numbers of corporations and medical establishments to stop the testing and it will even be harder work to get the rest to stop, but we now have motivation to push forward even harder. I just called the Church and Dwight Company, Inc. in Princeton, NJ, phone number 1 800-786-5135, the maker of Aim Toothpaste which I use, particularly for the low price and they are well aware of the testing and they stopped it and ordered their suppliers to stop also. I told them how happy I was about that, plus their low price, and said I will continue to patronize. You must also do the same. Always encourage them to go the right way and when they do let them know about it and patronize them as well.

We now know our efforts are paying off so that should be the motivation for continuing on in our fight to protect and save the lives of the very animals we care so much about. Great job and a job well done! Keep on and keeping on!