Oohhhhh my God I slipped up so badly....and now I'm paying

I’ve been trying very very very hard to stay veggie and not to stray. But lately I have fallen pretty hard off the wagon. I gave in to the peer pressure and the whole ‘time convenience’ thing. Plus my boyfriend’s uncle came to visit for a few weeks and he was always bringing home fast food. I am now quite sick all over my body and I feel very guilty. My skin looks HORRIBLE. And on top of all of that, I’m now addicted to fast food, soda, chocolate, meat, and cheese even harder than I was before!!! I keep on trying to get back up, but it almost feels like I’ve lost my vegan enthusiasm, or like I’m not sure that I can do this any more. I want to stop living like this so badly but I’m a bit lost on it. Has anybody here ever gone through anything like this before? I need words of encouragement i think lol. I wish I had better will power.

Thanks vegies!



I can relate very well to what you’re going through. While I will never eat flesh foods again, I will eat dairy and even eggs on occasion. Perhaps once a week in fact. Indeed, I am craving sunny side up fried eggs, and I will give into the craving. As for addiction, I just think many foods taste great. Many vegan foods are equally addictive. For example, how many people can pass up potato chips?!

I have been vegetarian for 36 years and I still find the aroma of grilling flesh mouth watering.

You have to find your own way vis a vis being vegan. And don’t beat yourself up. If it makes you feel better both physically and mentally, try to eat vegan fare the majority of the time.

At any rate, it isn’t up to any of us to stand in judgment of your ’ fall off the wagon’. Many folks can be vegan purists easily enough. But many of us cannot.

Oh, and if you decide to jettison a vegan diet, it’s your call. I would never tell anyone they should or should not eat flesh or dairy/ eggs. It isn’t my place to do so. Eating flesh, dairy and eggs doesn’t make you a horrible person. I fully believe in the dictum ‘each to their own’.

Don’t give up!! I have never relapsed, but I have only been vegetarian for 6 months, and vegan for only a week. But honestly, don’t beat yourself up. Things happen. Just use this as a learning experience. You may feel addicted to the bad stuff, but are you addicted to the breakouts, guilt, etc? I doubt it. Once you get back on track, you will feel amazing and realize why you started to begin with. Stay strong!

I totally agree with you guys… Beating yourself up will just add craving to you… It is better to just give for your craving then slowly eliminate those no nos… :smiley:

Like everyone else has said before me, just hang in there! :slight_smile: It is up to you which choices you make, and ultimately you will know which ones are better for your body and which ones you can handle. Your body will thank you! But if you do slip up, its not the end of the world. Like Meign said, slowly eliminate the no nos. Some people can go vegan over night and never look back, and others can’t.

Don’t worry! :slight_smile:

That’s the spirit Julie… Go for it and soon you will notice that, you are going where you wanna be :smiley:

Come to the tasty side, we have yummy food!
meat4life :compress:

Where is that Adam? Do you have Laing there?

Well, the snogster slipped up mightily today: coffee icecream; cookies and cake made with dairy and eggs; half and half in 2 cups of coffee, and a couple oz. Of sharp cheddar cheese. Oh joy. I feel no different physically, but do feel a bit o guilt…

That’s a total slipped you got there snog… Lol… ice cream is the nicest slipped you got… :wink:

You should slip up more often Mr.Snog.

I have bacon and eggs with a nice cold glass of milk every morning and I’m a happy healthy young man!

I struggle with staying vegan all the time as well. I can pretty much leave the meats alone, but give my some cheese please.

i have no problem staying vegan.

watch these videos :

video.google.com/videoplay?docid … 833909134#
meat your meat

glass walls


the witness

fur farming exposed

That is so disgusting. I could not even watch it all. I am in tears. Not easy to watch by any means.

oh i know. i cannot stomach any more that 5 -7 minutes of earthlings, and that includes just the occasional glance. very depressing.
here is one you can watch.


Ah, much better. Thanks.




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