Online Weight & Nutrition

Just found this site. It’s like an online diet diary (for those of us who have to keep such things to lose weight…)

However, this has a reporting function. You search for foods from their database and, when you have entered everything you have eaten, the site reports whether you have eaten enough nutrients, and whether your portions of carboydrate, fat and protein are correct. It also identifies where most of your calories come from, and whether you are doing sufficient exercise.

More importantly, this is all free!

Every one is conscious about their health now a days and want to shape their body in a Hi-tech way.

Online sources really helps them to shape their body and stay fit.

I personally don’t think that online resources would help in reducing weight and maintaining nutrition.

I disagree, Irahat. I (and many people like me) was raised to eat a very unhealthy diet and do little exercise - family, teachers and government all contributed to this problem. It is very difficult to change the habits of a lifetime, and your body always seems to fight you! If you cannot believe the messages your body gives you, you must monitor your nutrition and fitness very carefully. Otherwise your efforts may not work - or you risk malnutrition, or even developing an eating disorder :astonished:

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Now a days everybody conscious about their health.For the proper health proper diet should be carried out.That website really helpful for me.

I agree with you… That website have somehow helped me too…

i really agreed with what you say.

Good information here and online guides are relevant.