online advertisements of animal products

Hello All,

When I see ads for animal products on the internet (e.g. dominos pizza), as disgusting as they seem, I still click on them. Here is why:

1.) Many ads online are pay-per-click. I.e. it does not cost the advertise any money unless someone clicks on it. So by clicking the ad without any intention of buying the product, I am costing that company money. This is true of Google ads as well as Facebook ads.

2.) Even if it is not a pay-per-click ad, clicking on the ad makes it more likely that I will see the ad again. If the ad is not pay-per-click, then it means advertiser has bought a certain number of impressions, i.e. ad will be shown X # of times. If I am seeing the ad for a product I have not intention of buying then it means someone else is not.

3.) I do it to screw up the tracking that online advertisers do.

4.) If the ads are on sites you like, clicking on the ads generates revenue for that site.

I don’t go crazy seeking out ads of animal products but I click them (just once per session) when I see them and then they come looking for you.

Just thought I would share this process. What do you think of it? Did I leave out anything important?