Onion chutney Recipe

Ingredients 2 brown onions
1 clove garlic
1/2 teaspoon curry powder (to taste preferance)
2 dry red chilli
1 teaspoon cooking oil
pinch of salt
Instructions Peel and wash onions and garlic
Chop both to pieces
Heat cooking oil in pan on medium
Add chopped onion,dry red chilli and garlic and cook till golden brown
Add the curry powder
Turn off heat
Mix well and let onion absorb the flavour
Place in blender jar, blend to a smooth paste
Add little water if necessary while making the paste
Take care not to add too much water, or else the chutney will become very runny and lose taste
Scoop the chutney into a bowl and store in fridge
Goes well with naan, pita, chappathi, on toast
Keeps for well and long in fridge