I have a question about the Veganism. From what I hear from Vegans I know in person, eating meat and animal byproducts is unethical. This troubles me.

I’m 5’8" in height. I weigh 115 lbs. (203.20 cm, 51.75 kg, for those more familiar with Metric). My diet is balanced omnivorous. I have a formidable appetite and eat a lot. Unfortunately, my metabolism is pretty fast, as you may have guessed. I struggle to maintain my current weight, let alone get up into the healthy weight range for my frame.

If I were to remove all meat and dairy products from my diet and go full Vegan, I fear it would adversely effect my health. Pound for pound, meat and dairy products contain more complex fats and proteins than vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes. In order to maintain my current weight on a Vegan diet, I would have to increase my food intake to impossible levels (I already eat as much as I can on my current omnivorous diet). As a result, on a Vegan diet, I would lose weight, become ill and possibly even die.

So, I eat meat and dairy. Does that make me a bad person for eating the foods necessary to maintain my health and well-being?

If you are really sick and can’t survive without eating diary or meat, then you are fighting for your life so it is the same as self defense.
Which is cool.
For me Omnivorous is not a bad guy, the human ability to eat meat is a big advantage for survival in critical situations.
You don’t call a guy bad just because he has a gun, you call him bad when he kills without real necessity.

You are mistaken when you think that vegan food is less nutritious then meat and diary. Especially if we talk about calories.
Peanuts, beans, cereals are quite caloric. Also vegan food will digest faster so you can really eat more without feeling heavy.
Also the amount of amino acids i.e. proteins is also high in some vegan food.

Just check the comparison of lentils and beef on this page:

Also you can use the Vegan Nutrients Project to design a balanced diet for you that will provide everything necessary for your health.

What else, I am 95 kg, I gained 10kg recently on vegan diet. At my jujutsu classes they call me panda for my size and because I am veg. :slight_smile:

My husband is 6’5" and weighs 240lbs. He’s been vegan for over 15 years and is in perfect health. 8)

Consuming a high calorie meal late at night will help make sure that your body won’t be able to burn the calories off so quickly meaning you won’t loss weight… :smiley: Consume legumes, nuts and seeds in combination with whole grain breads and cereals, as well as soy products. Getting enough protein is such a critical component in repairing and building lean muscle. Nuts such as almonds are the most healthful. They have the most mono-saturated fat and the least saturated fat. An ounce or so can be a good source of protein and healthy fats. Fresh roasted almonds can be a great substitute for bacon.

Only the insufferable, arrogant vegetarians and vegans view omnivores as the “bad guy”. It’s not really evil, we just see it as unpleasant.

Wanna gain weight whilst eating vegan fare? In 2 words: potato chips… Eat a large bag a day and you’ll be good to go. Sure, they are deep fried, but most chips today are cooked in decent oils.

No offense, but I’d give anything to have your problem. I’d love to be 5’8" and 115 pounds and eat all I want… I’m sure your caloric intake is mOre than mine, and if I ate the same calories, I’d be 500 pounds. Argh.

On a serious note, take andy’s advice and eat plenty of nuts and seeds. Very healthy fats and very caloric, too.