omni wife

I’ve recently decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle for moral & health reasons. My wife and I have been married for a couple of years, & I always do all the cooking (she can burn water). The problem is that her diet is similar to that of a child. She really only eats meat, cheese, & potatoes. She has an extreme aversion to all vegetables & anything green or that “tastes green” immediately causes her to gag. Any advice on how to help slowly introduce more vegan friendly foods into her diet would be greatly appreciated.

You could try “mock” meats - texturized vegetable protein. Start with a veggie burger, grilled. She could still have her potatoes. There are veggie cheeses you could try, too. Just like with kids, always have some fruit and vegetable dishes available so if she gets hungry she could try them.

Just keep trying new ways of cooking veg and plate a little up for her to try every time you’ll be surprised to find as she will, she will find one she likes. Everyone likes veg it is in our nature to like it, but when you conditioned to eat cooked salted foods your whole life that part of nature gets buried. she just needs it to be prepared right and she’ll dig in. I Would also try and steer clear of mock meats the can be very unhealthy, if you want things of a meat like nature try mushrooms, young jack fruit, and nuts. hope this helps

Is it possible to first introduce her to meats that are less hearty and less frequently the bulk of a meal, such as fish? I think giving up the big ones like chicken and beef and moving onto something lighter could be a first step. Someone who eats a lot of meat and potatoes is not going to easily adapt to this.

Some ideas for new foods and main ingredients that might not taste “green”:
Bell pepper

After a 24+ hours of fasting vegetables suddenly become very tasty :smiley: