Offering Free Vegan Food

Offering free vegan food is one of the best ways to spread vegan way of life by showing non-vegans that being vegan is not that difficult. So how does one offer free vegan food or contribute to it?

Bellow are the organizations that might help doing it.

For those that don’t know yet Food For Life or is a charity organization offering free VEGAN food to Children and people that need it. I just noticed that they use paid advertising to promote their organization and thought that I could contribute by creating this post. If you have any questions about Food for Life you can ask them here.

Here you can find funds for offering free vegan food in your region.

Hey Andy thank you for these links, here are some things one has to know about Vegan Food and it’s health benefits :slight_smile:
In its core veganism is a way of life that allows us to live in harmony with all things living with no hurting animals for our personal selfishness. There are also other important advantages of being a member of this social group such as improve your health. By taking out the meat, dairy products and eggs from your diet you will be improving the functioning of all organs in your body as well as decrease the jeopardy of suffering from very harmful diseases. On the other hand, if you consume solely vegan food you will provide your body with all the vital nutrients it requires for the good working of all its systems. The key to being a strong vegan is to eat a wide variety of vegan foods. To make your menu more diverse check these delicious vegan recipes. Thus you can be certain that you get enough protein and carbohydrates without the eating of saturated fat that harms the work of the cardiovascular system. Apart from the whole grains, beans, peas, lentil, rice and potatoes you are recommended to consume plenty of tofu. It is a tasty vegan food and comes in a range of types including cheese. The tofu will provide your organism with necessary minerals like zinc, iron and calcium. These together with numerous vitamins can be found in vegetables and fruit – do not leave out any kind from your meals as every one of them contains different quantities of the different nutrients. It is also a good idea to intake non-saturated fat with the vegan food – the healthy vegetable oils along with the nuts and nut butter are excellent sources of this nutritional element. If you enjoy a well balanced plan with the appropriate healthy vegan food you will not need to take nutritional supplements. However, you might find it valuable to take vitamins for the improvement of your immunity system throughout the cold months when the colds and the flu are widespread.

Iris, this topic is about free vegan food, lets stick to the topic. :scratch:

Anyone knows of European organizations that offer free vegetarian or vegan food?

Not sure if you have it over there, but try doing an internet search for “food not bombs”