Odd vegetarian situation

Firstly, I apologize if this kind of dilemma is actually a common one that frequently gets answered, but I suppose that it is not, hence the title of the thread. I came here for some advice as I am not around many vegetarians/vegans first hand these days.

I have considered going vegetarian (not vegan) for years now and now feel that I am close to doing so. However, I am quite frankly terrified because, oddly enough, there are only 4 or 5 vegetables that I actually like. As such, meat has always been a vital part of my diet for obvious reasons. Not counting potatoes and lettuce, I can legitimately only eat corn, peas, carrots (when sweetened), and green beans. No other greens, onions, peppers, tomatoes, nothing. And by dislike I mean legitimately dislike (as in your least favorite food), not that I simply don’t prefer them but find them tolerable. On the other hand, I do like all fruit, and they already maintain a quality amount of my diet. Sadly, it’s worth noting that I also dislike a lot of other common foods, such as most condiments, salad dressings, etc. which means I can’t eat many casserole-type items at all. It is extremely frustrating because while I desire to be a vegetarian, I cannot even order most vegetarian items in restaurants due to my limitations. Given the restrictions, I know that I will probably be eating a little more unhealthy than most because my options simply aren’t there unless I want to get burnt out quickly. I am currently only eating meat once a day, with is the entree with dinner. I can already foresee that by going veg, a lot of my dinners are going to be pasta-based, etc.

I am wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and was able to overcome it going veg. If you were and did not or struggled immensely, I would like to hear about that as well. I would really like to finally go vegetarian but obviously I am very intimidated because the switch is going to be a lot more difficult than it is for most. I appreciate this Q&A source and would appreciate some responses. Also, please do not respond by saying something like “just give the other vegetables another shot” or “you’ll come around to them” … unfortunately my taste-buds have stayed exactly the same for 21 years and will not change in the future.

Thank you!

My tastes changed as I transitioned from omni to vegetarian to vegan. I eat a huge variety of plants I’d never have considered before. (Then again, I’ve been vegetarian for ages, so YMMV).

I wouldn’t automatically assume your tastes won’t change; it’s fairly common for your palate to change as you give up animal products. Try eating one meal a day (breakfast or lunch) vegetarian only for a few weeks and watch. Your palate will naturally change as you stop habitually eating meat at every, or nearly every, meal.

I think people’s palettes can change dramatically over time. There are many things that I didn’t like before and now do. I have found there’s a huge difference between frozen/canned/ or generally poorly prepared vegetables and fresh vegetables prepared with experience and care.

This can be very common if your diet was very meat based and you were not exposed to different vegetables during childhood.

I remember when going vegan, I did not like that much vegetables. But you start liking once learn tasty recipes and understand your motivation of being vegetarian or vegan.

You can start with more grains and pulses then, with mushrooms and experimenting with the 5 vegetables you are ok with. Every week start trying a new vegetable in a good recipe and you will find your way.

Not liking veg is just a habit, in about 3 months you can unlearn it as the new habit of tolerance and even liking takes place.

Try different cuisines they might prepare food different way and try them when you’re really hungry.