[size=120]Ocelots? [/size]

This coat made out of ocelot?
Yes, madam, it does cos’ a lot;
But though the price is very steep,
It’s relatively scary cheap:
No matter what one pays to get
One, ocelots pay dearer yet.

It’s called the fur trade, madam, yes,
And it’s a fair trade, you might guess:
The trader with the store gets flack
—O–LOTS—for all upon his rack;
The traders with the furs—please, toss
These on—all get BIG species (loss),

Some twelve to eighteen furs per coat,
Yes, hardly reason to emote.
Some cry (not I) for all we pay,
It’s dearly, dearly hoped that they
Who, madam—fits you well—abet it,
Read this furse, and don’t fur-get it.

Thank you, madam, for the whittle;
Now the lot is ocelittle.