I’ve been reading and hearing alot about numerology and the thought of numbers ruling the universe. I was wondering what you all would think about this subject and if everything in the universe can be calculated mathematically like scientists claim?

The problem with that, and this was brought to the attention of the famous number guru Pythagoras, if reality was made up of numbers and numbers ruled, why then would there be imperfections like fractions? If the universe and everything in it were designed for a number, then it would be a whole number universe and never would rations come into play. Just think about it, what is a rational number? It is one that is not a complete whole.

Yeah that is very true. I contemplated that myself. I feel as if mathematics isn’t really as solid or whole as they claim it to be. I believe that it all is more of a matter in assumption then anything else in mathematics. Take for instance scientists calculating the weight of certain planets, wouldn’t that be more of an assumption then real trurth? I don’t kno to much on this subject though…

I think these theories are based on the Jewish Kabbalah, and there are a few books around on this. Numerology was popular amoung Jews and early Christians, and parts of the bible are thought to be in code. For example, the number of the devil is 666. In early hebrew versions of the bible, it is actually 696, which is the code/number attributed to the emperor Caligula (I think, :drunken: ) who was persecuting Christians at the time.

If you’re interested in this, you’ll probably like the film ‘Pi’ 8)

Dont take what is commonly called ‘scientific facts’ to be truth. Consider that in the dark ages, what Aristotle called physics was law, yet his system was debunked by Newton and later by Einstein and later by Quantum theory. Scientific data is ever evolving and cannot be held 100% to be truth. The next big scientific revolution could be just around the corner and these things we thought were true will only be yesterday’s facts.

Thank you. You properly stated what I was trying to say…