Now companies are going green right from the start

Now companies are going green right from the start
GREEN” plants are growing in the motor industry. Companies are investing to give their factories green credentials to complement their products, reducing emissions and using more eco-friendly materials and processes. Ford’s Dagenham diesel engine plant has wind turbines to generate energy that save 6,500 tonnes of CO2 a year from entering the atmosphere. Other eco-efficient processes at Dagenham prevent more than 12,600 tonnes of waste annually being sent to landfill sites.
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Nice article. Good to see that companies are going green from the start rather than seeing a mistake then changing under pressure.

Well, this is a very interesting topic and I loved the article! I totally agree with this.

This is a great article… Hope more and more companies will adopt that…


It’s not one or the other, it’s both. A meat eating diet requires roughly fifteen times the water to produce than a vegetarian diet, and even more times than a vegan diet. This is a HUGE environmental impact, when you think about how many people are eating a meat-based diet. If we used the corn we used to feed cattle [and cattle aren’t supposed to eat corn. E Coli, anyone?] to feed people instead, we would be helping the environment and feeding more people. The US uses something like 70% of its corn to feed cattle.

Everything about a animal-product diet is not environmentally friendly. So if you are an environmentalist, sure, you don’t have to be vegan, and every thing you do to be conscious about environmental sustainability helps, but… so does being vegan.


No need to be rude. :slight_smile: I was sharing the information for anyone who happened to be reading the public forum.

You are a human too, you know. So… when that cow’s environment rots away [because if they’re not being farmed, their living in the wild, right?] …


An animal that uses human technology. :laughing:

You can’t pick a side when it is convenient for you, but use the advantages of the other side. You’re human like all of the people you despise.

i agree with you, if you aren’t a vegan, or at least a vegetarian, then get your ‘green’ shit out of my face haha cause’ it’s lookin’ more like crap brown falseness to me.

ya i know what you mean, it is a commercial movement for sure and many companies aren’t sincere they’re all about profits and pleasing people who care about green just so they can increase profits, but that’s not to say there aren’t companies (how rare they may be lol) that actually do care about their impact on the environment and not just their ‘green’ image that keeps them with the times.

and i’m with u all the way about ending the suffering of sentient beings is the most important, letting them live and respecting all life. but i still wouldn’t feel good driving a hummer even though i’m a diehard vegan lol, i care about the environment as well.


Quit being such a jerk. You know nothing about my friends, and they are certainly not 99.98% carnivore. I’m doing my part to reduce the body count of animals, but I am not going to push away every single person in my life. I certainly can’t teach them and change their mind if I tell them to go to hell and cut them out of my life. I prefer to spread the knowledge I share with meateaters every single day and hope that my efforts will open someone’s mind.

And they have, in the past.

Yes, there are many companies who share our green commitments and values. Well, we must investigate carefully because any company now has the thing called “Corporate social responsibility”.
Usually the sustainable and truly green ones are the small setups.


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