Not All Animal Welfare Groups Are The Same

A friend of mine received a letter from the National Wildlife Federation asking for support and a financial contribution. She was considering giving a large financial contribution but wanted to be sure they did not support the use of killing, i.e. hunting and fishing in dealing with the wildlife about which they are concerned. She even sent me the letter with the glossy ad bragging about how much they were concerned about saving our wildlife. I was glad she questioned me about this organization as I know from past experience they sanction hunting and fishing as a means of conserving our wildlife. What matters here is whether or not the organization is preservationist or conservationist. A preservationist organization is dedicated toward preserving our wildlife through non-lethal means as a conservationist organization wants to conserve our wildlife through methods like hunting, fishing and trapping, rather than just using non-lethal ones. Any organization that uses the terms, “conservationist”, “conserve” or “conserving” you can pretty well be sure they use lethal methods in their approach to dealing with wildlife.

In fact on their website they brag about being members of the SPORTSMEN FOR RESPONSIBLE ENERGY Development, which according to them “is a coalition of more than 500 businesses, organizations and individuals dedicated to ‘conserving’ irreplaceable habitats so future generations can hunt and fish on America’s public lands. SFRED is represented by everyday hunters and anglers who recognize the system is broken and have shouldered the responsibility of fixing it. SFRED works to reform the laws, regulations, and policies to ensure balance and respect for the traditions of the West, and fights to protect the rights of sportsmen to hunt and fish on public lands, now and for generations to come”. If you want to see proof of this fact just click on this link:

It makes me mad to see any so called animal welfare group deliberately trying to entice our elderly who care more about animals than most of our middle aged population as well as attempt to corrupt the minds of our innocent youth who at an early age tend to care more about preserving than conserving our wildlife. which to me is simply inexcusable and unconscionable. Really how low can a group stoop to obtain their goals AND ON TOP OF THAT BILK MONEY OUT OF UNSUSPECTING, AND UNFORTUNATE GULLIBLE AND INNOCENT INDIVIDUALS THROUGH SUCH DECEPTIVE PRACTICES? This to me displays the lowest form of humanity possible.

If you receive such an advertisement from them, write them back telling that you now know the truth about them and you will not send them one red cent nor desire to support them in anyway. Also tell others. They must be stopped from such deceptive practices. You can find their contact information on their website.

In fact they should be prosecuted for deceptive and false advertising. We must enforce existing laws on this matter or see that such laws are passed and passed with real teeth in them. All animal organizations are not for the animals and you need to check them out before you send money or any other form of support.