Nose plastic surgery beverly hills

Facial plastic surgery has become extremely people amongst image-conscious people who want to look their best always. However, no matter how effective the result is the possibility of scarring after a surgery gives sleepless nights to many of cosmetic surgery aspirants. Whether you undergo rhinoplasty, facelift, tummy tuck or breast augmentation, there is always a dormant concern regarding the post-surgical scarring. These days experienced surgeons try to utilize advanced surgical techniques to decrease the appearance of scars.

The objective of every cosmetic surgeon is to take care of the incision site and size so that the resulting scarring, if any, merges properly with the adjacent skin tone. Moreover, the patient’s level of care and patience during the healing period will play an important role in the healing of incisions. Below are some useful tips which can help patients to reduce the appearance of scars after a plastic surgery:

Do not indulge in vigorous activities

The patients start feeling normal only couple of days after the surgery, but that does not mean that you need to resume normal daily activities right after that. The doctors strictly instruct the patients to avoid any vigorous activity that can lead to the opening of the incisions. Therefore, the patients should be extra careful to refrain from exhausting exercise, forceful showers, and even bending down. If you succeed in not putting any stress on the incision site then automatically the healing process will be normal and the likelihood of scars would be minimal.

The site of incisions should be kept infection-free

The risk of infection becomes twice when the skin is wounded, hence it is extremely important to keep the affected area clean and bandaged. Once the incisions are closed, the surgeon will clean the incision location and bandage it. For the next few days, you are expected to clean the incision and regularly change the bandages. In addition, you must first wash hands and then softly clean the incision with antiseptic soap. Patients who undergo facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills are asked to avoid using alcohol or hydrogen peroxide during recovery period as they may worsen the wound. An infection-free recovery period ensures that the possibility of scarring gets reduced as much as possible.

Avoid exposure to sun

It is very much true that excess exposure to sun can cause the scar to become more visible. It is best to apply an effective sunscreen to your scars regularly, even if you go out for 5 minutes. The sun’s harmful UV rays can infiltrate your clothing or windows, so it is best to take precautions and use sunscreen daily as your standard scar reduction management. Patients of nose plastic surgery in Beverly Hills are asked to avoid sunlight completely for three weeks after the surgery.