Noob says "Hello!"

Hello guys! I visit few forum like this meeting people like me. And learning new recipe for vegans. Nice to meet you all!

I’m looking forward to participating on VegTalk. – :coffee2:

Hello :slight_smile: Welcome to Vegatalk!

Annastock, DAnySa and michael321…

to the 3 of you:
the yellow fellow
says, “Hello!”

I don’t find it hard not to eat meat. Hello! I’m LoudBard.

Welcome to the forum, LoudBard. – :cat:

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Meow! Meow!
Thanks, SantaClaws!

Hi LoudBard you are certainly come to the right place

Hi all, I am also a new member on this forum. Myself Jacksmith from the USA. I would like t to say warmly welcome to all members here. Anyone like to share here something about hobbies.

Hello, friends myself Jacksmith from the USA. I am a new member in this forum and love to say so excited after becoming part of this forum. So sure my stay in this forum would be useful for me. What says am I right?

It’s my goodness that you have welcomed me here buddy. I am much pleased and like to say that I am a traveler and love to spend a great time through this always. let me know what will you like to say about traveling? I am looking for your reply.

:pottytrain2: – Kiss my ass, Alyaka!

You make me sick, Zanew14. – :pukeleft:


welcome to this community…