No Shampoo/Soap

I’ve been experimenting with home-based soaps and shampoos for several years. I’ve also tried to use household items for cleaning agents whenever and where ever possible. Baking Soda, Vinegar, Cream of Tartar, Lime Juice, Honey, Salt, and tons of other things can come in real handy.

For the last year or so, however, I’ve been researching and trying out the No 'Poo, No Soap thing. I started with a baking soda/vinegar replacement for the carcinogen-laced, industrial detergent known as Regular Shampoo. Eventually, however, I started to transition towards using no shampoo at all.

I absolutely love it! It took a while to transition, but my hair fills healthier than ever (and no, I don’t stink!).

I’ve since researched a lot on the web about what is in shampoo and how others approach the no shampoo method. There is a lot of information out there!

I came across an online community for Shampoo Free: Beyond Shampoo. You can read about the basic stuff. Plus, you can post questions. It seems to be a small, but growing community.

Does anyone have experience with No 'Poo? How about No Soap? Do you use home made or none at all?

You need to clean yourself with something other than water. No matter your lifestyle, you will acquire harmful bacteria and toxins as you go about your day. Using only water to clean your scalp is likely to result in cradle scalp to an almost painful degree. Not using soap on your skin will let oils build up, and you’ll get dirty faster. Now you don’t have to use the manufactured soaps and shampoos, but you should use something. Good hygiene is indicated in good health.