Newly Vegan"ized"

I recently watched a few documentaries on the way meat and dairy products are not good for you and the misconception that the usda and government gives the people about needing meat protein. I also watched about the way animals are treated. I found it all appalling and sickening. So I decided to take what I so name “the 30 day vegan challenge” So far it hasn’t really been that challenging. I’ve enjoyed the vegan recipes and I don’t miss the meat and dairy at all. So any sites or advice to keep it going would be much appreciated. I think i just might make this a permanent thing!

Wow this is great! Congratulations, it’s been 8 years that I am vegan myself, and am happy to see that other people are making this great choice! Good luck in your vegan adventure :wink:

Have you ever tried a vegan shake? I have tried and loved one. If you are interested in some details send me a message :slight_smile: they are quick, easy, and healthy options.