[size=84]Hallo. I’m not currently a vegan, but that is my ultimate goal. I still live with my parents, and my mother is intent on making meals for the family some nights, so that makes veganism doubly hard. She is accepting of vegetarianism, but would rather I get a tattoo than become a vegan. Its taken me a while to come to this decision; I had to make sure it wasn’t an excuse to undereat or an attempt to be trendy. I’ve been trying to make my days as lacking of animal products as possible, but family dinners are difficult.

Another problem I have are the dairy/egg products I purchased before I made this decision. Or rather, the dairy/egg products my mom bought for me. Included in this list are 6 containers of yogurt and a tub of powdered egg/dairy protein mix… which sounds repulsive. I would feel awful wasting the food, but its also something I’m not very comfortable eating.

I’m not sure the point of this post, it said to introduce myself, so thats what I am doing. :confused: Sorry if this is a waste of space.

As I’m trying to get my sea-legs in regard to veganism, I apologize in advance if my posts are uninformed, or if I ask too many questions.[/size]

Well, your mother bought those things, let her eat them. (Or what, omnivori don’t eat such stuff? It’s too healthy?)

                                                                                             Hi Newcomer, most of us is difficult to get started, but there are guidelines, and many conflicting whether soy is complete protein, I combine soy with vital wheat gluten, but some say it doesn't matter. When I began I followed the USDA recommendations, which were suggesting too few grams of protein daily, they have since revised their #'s. No need to apologise...we are all finding our way. Best, ak

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile: