Hello all

Im wanting to become vegan and finding it hard to even begin to think how. My friends had shown me some videos in how our meat and animal products are harvest and to say Im disgusted is an understatement. I want to wean myself away from all of that and have no part of that in my life.
I never realised that male calves were slaughtered needlesy due to being a bi-produvct for milk , and I was disgusted to find out that male chicks are just slung away or suffocated again just for eggs.
As with all good intentions the inital start is as always the hardest thing and im really struggling where on earth do i start. So any help will be more than greatfully accepted.
Im not sure if this is the right place for this post but any help will be truly grateful

A slow transition is better. Make a reseearch of several vegetarian recipes, and try one per week for one month, then add 1 day per month, after 7 months you will become a 100% vegetarian. A slow transition ensure and ease you to build a new lifestyle.