Hi, I have been a vegetarian for about 20yrs., and vegan for 10. I have great respect for those so young to have made this choice, when I began there was much mockery attached to it, and endless querys “why”…and always the same responses. Thankfully most of the time …was when I was on my own, but how to manage it with parents/relatives who find it disruptive, especially on holidays. I tried it as an experiment at first, when in college, but found it to fit me well, although my wife, of 37 years, still finds it odd, although she eats little flesh, and mostly dairy products/pasta…long before she met me…I might add. I was fortunate to retire very early, and spend much of the time reading philosophy/theosophy and restoring our 174 yr.old house. I still paint but considering doing portraits…looking for an old farm house upstate NY to become, some part of the community, to find good subjects for studies…figure it might be nicer if I were a part time neighbor rather than some stranger looking for weathered faces. Best of fortune, to all, ak

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