New York Vegans - Dog Bit Neighbor

So I am finding more and more about the situtation, but basically my friends Dad has a dog who bit their neighbor randomly. Her dad left the door open as he was leaving the house and went inside his car to clean. He always leaves the door open, and the dog never runs out. Anywho, the neighbor was walking by and according to her (the dad could not see what was going on in the car), he ran to her and bit into her hand. It is significantly torn open, but her entire hand is still functioning. This dog is very friendly, no one expected this to ever happen. I also just found out that they neglect the dog (the do not walk him for 4 days at a time, he holds it in for 4 days! :cry: ). He is a pungsan (korean breed), 3-4 years old, has a lot of energy and requires a lot of activity. We don’t know what to do now because her dad does not want to take him to the vet to check if there could be an underlying problem since it could be reported by them. They are thinking of re-homing him. Does anyone have any advice on the matter?

:angry: – “Bad dog!” :grommit: – “Woof! Woof!” (I’m sorry!)