New website:

After reading the site, has your perception of Cultured Meat changed?

  • No. I’m still against it.
  • No. I was already supporting it.
  • Maybe, it’s something to think about.
  • Yes. It changed my mind and now I support it.
  • Other

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The two main pages there are the “Factors” & the “FAQ”.

I think it will be good for animals, but I’m not sure I will eat it :slight_smile:

I don’t think hardcore vegans will be interested in: artificially grown meat.
But those that can’t give up on meat might as well find it useful as a cruelty free alternative.

I love how you show great personalities that are not vegan. :slight_smile:
At one point I was thinking myself if Jacque Fresco was vegan or not.
For me it is also strange that many great personalities with highly developed ethical values are not vegan, I just think that these people did not give enough time to think on this topic, or just did not have the luck to talk this through with a person as intelligent as they are but vegan.

Quite a pessimistic website.
You know- Most people that achieved something extraordinary in life were too stupid to know it is impossible. :slight_smile:
I believe that the so called “human nature” is nothing but education.

While the idea is not completely off, here is my take. First of all, we don’t need animal flesh to live, and we are far better off without it. So why develop an industry to promote something that is already destroying our health (to be honest, I did not read in depth enough to know if the site addresses health concerns, so I could be off base).

Society has been so focused on creating processed foods and substitutes, and done it in a way that depends so heavily on transportation and import/export, that it is just another way to justify the damage we are doing to the planet.

So while I am all for better treatment of animals…and I would probably even agree to this on behalf of the animals…it doesn’t seem to address the the problems with eating rotting animal flesh (sorry, had to get my dig in there).

My bark is bigger than my bite…we still eat processed foods, still buy from chains rather than local markets, still use plastic, etc etc. So I am being hypocritical, but I’m talking more from the point of view of theory and big picture.