new vegetarian

how much weight can i lose being vegetarian. i have found some recipes and done some research. im 236 pound male 15 years old and need to lose weight and have looked into the vegetarian lifestyle. im a new vegetarian so any tips would be appreciated.

when i went vegan i did it cold turkey by starting with just simple foods that i knew i already liked that were vegan till my taste buds got more adjusted and then started to experiment i would suggest that if your having troulbe at first…far as losing weight like the post above me i agree. depends on what your eating and if your working out along with it… if you have a healthy vegetarian diet and have a good workout schedule your sure to have the wieght shredd off…good luck!

When I start taking veg only , I lose some of my weight but after undergone a proper veg schedule I got my weight again.

I lost weight nearly 3kg when I started taking veg only…and with proper diet. :slight_smile: