new vegan

I just recently became a vegan, to everyone who does it for the animal rights/enviormental reasons thats cool but im sorry that stuff just doesnt really intrest me and i couldnt really care about it, however i did do it because of the health benefits. I just have a few questions:
I dont like any vegtables really except corn and lettuce, i dont like beans or peas, and i dont like tofu or soy like things (i.e. veggie burgers and things of that nature) however i do LOVE every fruit there is except tomatos and i love nuts. So im wondering if any1 has any sort of suggestions because my diet for the last 3 weeks has consisted of oatmeal with some fruit for breakfast, some fruit with some nuts like almonds or something for lunch, and eithier a bowl of rice, fruit salad, or lettuce with vinegar for dinner, and some fruit or nuts to snack on. I really wanna stay on this diet bit i dont know if im getting the correct nutrients and im also scared that ill get sick of the lack of variety in my diet and go back to non vegan because theres so much i dont like.
Basically all i ate was eggs/meat/cheese so im just wondering if theres any other people like me who dont like a lot of veggies. Ive asked vegan people i know about this and they all basically said when you get hungry enough you will learn to like veggies, but i havent “learned” to like them in the 23 years of my life so i doubt it will happen now.

Hi! Try looking up Fruitarians - these people live off fruits (and I think some nuts). I don’t know much about the subject, but it sounds like you could use some of their guidelines to ensure you get the right nutrition? Hope that helps :slight_smile:

It’s fine to be concerned about your health - I think we have all sorts of people on here :smiley: I used to eat a lot of meat and dairy too. I found that my tastes did indeed change. This is because there’s a lot of hidden salt (and other flavour enhancers) in meat and dairy, especially if you eat processed stuff. Apparently this dulls your tastebuds. So don’t be surprised if vegetables start tasting nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you have to keep an open mind - there are, after all, a million things to do with a lentil. Maybe with some experimentation, you’ll like something. Nuts & fruit isn’t such a bad start - do you know about all the amazing things you can create using nuts? Cashew “cheez”, Caesar dressing and so on…?

Personally I don’t care for many of the packaged vegan products out there, like the fake meats or cheeses - but there are a few brands I like…figuring that out has taken years and it’s still hit & miss.

I think you CAN learn to like new things at any age. I’m 40 and I literally JUST started enjoying brussel sprouts. Took a new way of preparing them to figure that out.

The last thing you want to do is get bored, so do some research, get some books and try some new stuff out.

My $0.02 for what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

I dont have any tips just wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum and im new to the forum too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just like you at first, which made being a vegan difficult, but now I like everything (except tofu, unless it’s prepared a certain way) I would suggest making meals using nut butters such an Asian peanut sauce, which is a good source of protein or cashew butter, a personal favorite of mine. Also try variations of pizza using vegan cheese, I have a great recipe for a BBQ pizza with sauteed apples and onions with vegan cheddar cheese! Maybe you should try Tempeh, it has a nutty flavor and it’s delicious it’s a great substitute for tofu and it’s high in protein. Check out my Blog for other Recipes type Kait’s Inside Dish into google!

Hi I am a new vegan too!

I have been vegan for 2 months now and found it challenging initially for food variety. Eventually I had to cook meals at home predominantly because I could not have access to good vegan food from shops!

I mainly consume green leafy veg stir fried or boiled with hardly any oil and found great ways to spice up my dishes by using soy protein that i can season and flavour with herbs and spices. I also have a recipe for a lentil stew that has become my staple with brown rice!
I found that after a while I do not crave intense variety of flavours anymore. Does not mean I am less of a foodie, just means my palate is so much more sensitive to flavours I don’t need that much of it to feel satisfied.

Any suggestions for good vegan recipes/blogs?

A vegan diet is most in harmony with our bodies. Needs, our innate sense of compassion, and our ability to survive on earth. Moving to a plant -based diet is comparatively easy and it opens the door to a gentler, healthier, and happier way to being