New Vegan...NO Period!?!

Im a new Vegan (3 months now, before i jus at fish) and I have not had a period for 3 months now.
Im 5’3 105lbs…has any one else gone through this??

I also dont eat soy
No synthetic food or vitamins…or anything…Im an Organic Vegan/Raw Foodist

Help please!!!

Is it possible that you’re pregnant?

I did not experience this when I became vegan, and I don’t know of any other women who experienced this. :astonished:

I calculate that you may be underweight. (I’m not used to lbs, so you might want to google for a “BMI calculator” and check yourself). A lot of people lose weight when they become vegan. Even if you don’t feel very underweight, your body fat levels might be low.
The disappearance of menstrual periods is a common problem with extreme weight loss []

I think you should see a doctor: they will be able to give you a pregnancy test, assess your weight, and check there is nothing wrong.

No Im DEF not pregnant…havent had sex in 9 months. Ive been this size since about 9th grade. Ive heard of other Vegans who dont get periods any more…They have been saying im jus SUPER healthy…so no toxins need to expelled through my vagina. In college i was 115lbs(gained 10 lbs in college)…and 2 years later (2010) im 105…but my period stoped as sooon as i became Vegan/Organic/Raw Foodist…3 months ago.

No one else going through this??

I’m not sure about Raw Foodist, it might be difficult to find some nutrients in raw food. By googling I’ve found that “Research has shown that a diet high in fiber and low in fat can cause an irregular menstrual cycle” May be you need to eat some more fat, even in raw foods there are avocados and nuts.
But it also might not be related to veganism, may be you better consult a doctor?

It is true that a change in diet may make your period lighter or irregular. But it is NOT “super healthy” for your periods to stop. Periods are a natural part of being a woman!

From what I have read, your periods stop because your hormones have been affected: you could also stop ovulating and risk becoming infertile if you don’t sort it out. ANY female - vegan or not - should be concerned if her periods stop.

Sorry if I’m sounding a bit scary, but I really think you should see a doctor! Good luck :slight_smile:

Are you stressed out at all? A couple of times in high school (when I was omni) I lost my period one time for 6 months, and then not long after it returned, i lost it again for 12 months. But it came back again. The doctor was not too concerned about it at all, he said it was probably just related to stress (I was in my last 2 years of school, which was relatively stressful I guess).

Could it be something like that?

I believe that it is ok! Since becoming a vegan, my periods have become much lighter and less painful. I anticipate that it is possible to stop them completely. Don’t listen to western medicine 100% of the time. There is a great article about this at the phi foundation website.

Since I have tried the vegan diet… The only thing that changed in my menstrual cycle is that it become less painful… that’s all but i still have my period and it lasted for 5-7 days…

I think you should see a doctor for a checkup. When I started being a vegan this thing hasn’t happened to me ever since though I must say I no longer experience PMS.

I kind of heard about this condition in relation to raw veganism. Something related to lack of protein in the diet.
If you go RAW you make sure you have a lot of nuts and seeds in your diet.
People would usually go RAW for health reasons. Did you have any health problems before you started with the vegan diet?

I thought eating raw will always be much healthier… didn’t know that It can also cause some problems… Thanks for that Andy :smiley:

for me, my period was significantly less volume.
must be quite a shock to have no period at all

for those who have menstrual (probably 50% of pple here), i will like to encourage you to try menstrual cups. be it luna, moon cup, diva cup, ruby cup, or whatever brand you fancy, go and search menstrual cup online…

for me personally i went vegan because I like to have a positive impact on earth and animals. And I realized a few months ago my period is also creating disposable waste. i was using and throwing sanitary pad every month.

did a few google searches for reusable sanitary pads, finally found menstrual cups, bought it in May. used it twice so far. and i feel great! the first time was very awkward (like my first date) but i think i got used to it.

for those vegans who like to try, go google for menstrual cups advice, or read this blogger article on comparing tampons, menstrual cups, pads

i really hope more and more women will use reusable stuff and reduce wastage.

Imagine saving 1 sanitary pad a mth, 12 a year
120 a decade.
and imagine 1 million women using menstrual cups instead of disposable.

we all be helping earth a lot! thanks :slight_smile:

It’s usually because you lack calories. The same would happen on a prolonged fasting.
It seems that you eat mostly low calorie foods. You absolutely need to increase your calorie intake.
Eat some nuts and seeds daily they are very caloric.

Take iron supplements, eat iron reach food. Consult with the doctor.

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