New vegan & editor at a publication publishing vegan resources

Hi all,

Glad to just join here. I’m an editor at a publication where we recently published an article titled ‘How To Convince People To Go Vegan’, and got some great submissions from all kinds of different people. I thought this community would enjoy it:

We think this is a great resource to give some ideas to people trying to convince their friends/family to consider veganism, and would appreciate any sharing of the article. If you have any good ideas on this topic, you can also submit them and we’ll add them to the article. :slight_smile:

Hey there!

Just wanted to add to your post. Perhaps a piece on the emergent field of Food Ethics might help your readers? Among other things, the field casts a critical look at consumption habits–vegetarianism, veganism, non-vegetrianism, frutarian diets, etc. The field looks at the potential benefits as well as the potential ill effects of these practices–both to its practitioners and the society at large. In other words, it constantly examines the intersection between personal consumption habits and larger, macro-level factors. Which includes analyses of how the latter can and does influence the former and vice versa.

The field would certainly object to arguments declaiming veganism as a world-saving habit, which is how many advocates pitch it. This is not only not true but also tends to put people off. Besides, not all people can afford to switch to veganism cold turkey, both for personal health reasons, and economic reasons. In fact, if as some very staunch advocates of the practice expect, the world is quick to adopt veganism, it mean loss of livelihood for millions who are employed in the meat industry (See: Society: The Basics). Of course, a world-level shift to veganism is not going to happen overnight, but we must nonetheless be aware of what it means should this improbable situation ever come to fruition. Bottomline is, many people will not give up meat. So can meat production become more humane? That’s the pertinent question, also the million dollar question.

I am a vegetarian, if that matters :slight_smile: