new to the vegan way I need some help

howdy to all of you in internet land.

I am new to the vegan way due to health reasons. I am 28 weigh over 300lbs and have high blood pressure and I am pretty sure many other ailments that we due to the old diet of meat/dairy that I kept. This week is to be my first week on this journey of enlightenment through a plant based diet. If anyone out their can lend me a hand with some advice/inspiration I would be forever grateful.

Thanx all

Hi Alex,

I became vegan in February of this year. While the health benefits got me interested, once I learned more about how animals are treated, I stayed for moral reasons. I am still reading everything I can get my hands on and I love cooking now. It is hard not to have anyone else in my life who understands but I’m so happy I made this change. I did end up losing 40 pounds in 5 months and several people have commented on how great my skin looks, but I just feel better about who I am and how I am living now. For me it has been important to learn how to live in a meat eating world. I read two really helpful books, “Vegan Freak” and “Living Among Meat Eaters”. Also, “Becoming Vegan” was a great book for me to learn about the nutritional requirements. The “China Study” is also a book I love.

Anyway, good luck on your new life and I hope to run into you in a forum or two.