new to the forum

hey guys. im on several forums on line, so i know pretty well how these work.
me and my wife have been vegan for about a year now. we have had occassional slipups and gave in a few times to temptation but all in all we have done really well considering our backgrounds.
basically my wife would throw up every time she ate whe she first got pregnant. one day we were in barnes and noble and we saw the book skinny bastard. we bought it and read it, we decided to give it a shot. we agreed to be vegan for one week. we liked it so much that we never stopped. we do use a lot of meat replacements like tofurkey and boca but we mostly eat beans and salads. i can make great coconut cream pies, and we make some good macn cheese with dayia cheese. we look forward to the day when we have a milker to make our own milk. any way just hought id say hi and look on here for some interesting info.

It is great to hear from you that a book made a Vegan. and you are following constantly.

I am also new to this forum and looking for more informative ideas.