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Earlier I read an article about Lasik Technology and since im engrossed and planning to undergo an eye surgery for my farsightedness I want to share this information to you all. Hope this will also help you to have a little information about LASIK Technology

Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217z laser
A laser on the forefront of technological advances in LASIK surgery, the Bausch & Lomb system provides excellent results for our patients. In fact, the Bausch & Lomb system is so effective that in a recent clinical study, over 91% of the subjects tested achieved 20/20 vision or better.

Flying Spot Laser- Flying spot lasers contact the cornea with the entirety of their beams every time they touch the eye. This produces a smoother, more uniform shape to the cornea and increases the accuracy and effectiveness of the surgery.
Bausch & Lomb Zyoptix System
Your eyes are complex - even the slightest imperfection in their shape or composition can alter your vision, and the Zyoptix system was designed to treat these imperfections. Before your LASIK procedure, Zyoptix technology maps out thousands of data points on your eyes, providing a fully detailed, three-dimensional image of your cornea’s characteristics and overall shape. By providing a remarkably detailed, three-dimensional image of the entire surface of your cornea, the Zyoptix system also allows for your surgeon to clearly recognize and correct even the smallest imperfections in the shape of your eye. For more information you can check New Technology hope it helps folks.

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Lasik surgery is a gift for people who don’t like to wear glasses or contact lens.
I was surprised to read the procedure of this surgery that how easily the loss of eyesight is recovered in this surgery.

Humn, I wrote a blog post about Lasik surgery and defined it in easy way. You may read Lasik Surgery - Better Eyesight Without Spectacles.